Introducing Carl's Food Adventures

I watched my cousin’s boy, Carl, post (at least once a week) his dinner choices to his FaceBook page. Not only does this kid get around, he can relate his experiences pretty well too. I have to admit this kind of surprised me - I suppose I’d better explain that statement. Carl, you see, personifies his generation - he’s got a pretty good full time job, is a full time student (computers, of course,) and is a *VERY* active member of various martial arts communities around the Twin Cities - I'm surprised he finds the time to *DO* this stuff, let alone write about it!

#15 August 1, 2012

#14 July 31, 2012

#13 July 11, 2012

And so the journey begins ...

#12 July 11, 2012

Music, Food, and Brother Time--- What Could Be Better?

#11 July 6, 2012

#10 May 1, 2012

Travail in Robbinsdale Click here.

#9 April 23, 2012

This site is about BBQ, RIGHT? Click here

#8 April 02, 2012

Welcoming the Butcher and his Little Piggy Click here for more.

#7 March 23, 2012

Meat, Meat, Meat….and more Meat!
Click here for more.

#6 March 13, 2012

I ventured down into the city once again as my friend, Brandon Buchholz, was going to be fighting a mixed martial arts fight that evening and I’m always there to support. Click here for more.

#5 March 03, 2012

The most wonderful time of the year had finally come, and no, I don’t mean Christmas. It’s restaurant week! Restaurant week is a time where many of the establishments from the twin cities put together special menus to showcase what they have to offer. Click here for more.

#4 February 28, 2012

This installment is not only about the food, but also about experiencing things or events around you. Often times we venture to a new town and stick to what we know. We go to the same bar, we see the same people, and we listen to the same bands. Only when we stray from the norm do we get to experience great things. Click here for more.

#3 February 16, 2012

Today I was feeling kind of hungry and was looking for some nice, homemade food. Currently the only home cooked meal I get is when I’m invited for some insanely good ribs (that my dad may never get to enjoy!) by this Bob the Grill Guy. Click here for more.

#2 February 12, 2012

My last stop took me to good old Dinkytown. One piece of advice if you travel over to that neck of the woods would be to mentally prepare to go up and down roads looking for parking while college students play a real life version of frogger while walking out in front of you. Click here for more

#1 January 27, 2012

Today's adventure made me think of the reasons why we eat the things that we do. Sure, some of us many be conditioned to eat a certain way based upon how our parents prepared meals when we were younger, but as one becomes older you begin to develop your own palette based upon what you see, smell, and taste. Click here for more