Meat, Meat, Meat….and more Meat!
Where is one to go when looking for the ultimate meat extravaganza? Well to Fogo De Chao of course! This place is every man’s dream for a great meal because with over 17 cuts of meat, you really can’t go wrong!

However, we are getting way ahead of ourselves. We need to go back to where this euphoric journey begins, the salad bar.
The salad bar is not your run-of-the-mill iceberg lettuce with some petty toppings. The Brazilians like to kick it up a notch (not the Emeril way). We’re talking prosciutto, cured meats, cheeses, mushrooms. Normally I like to stay away from salad bars because typically they’re not all that great. Fogo De Chao has so many different flavors that you can experience that it does become a great segue way into the main meal, a parade of meat.
When you are first seated they like to go over the general formalities of the joint. This is great if you’re a first timer because they explain the most important part, the red and green coin. Each person at the table has one. This is the ever important signal that you would like meat to be delivered. That’s right, they come right to you! Fogo De Chao has servers walking amongst all the patrons and seek out those that have flipped their coin to green. Each person carries a different kind of meet so you do have the option of passing on whoever stops in favor of a particular cut. We’re talking high quality top sirloin, filet mignon, rib eye, bottom sirloin, beef ribs, lamb, chicken, pork ribs, pork loin, and even sausage. The server then cuts whatever you’re looking for right off the skewer. One big thing is to remember to use tongs whenever you are grabbing strip of meat from the skewer. Another important point is to remember to flip your coin back to red while you’re ingesting what you already have. Granted an endless stream of meat can be a wonderful thing, but when you already have a pile on your plate you’re working on it can become a bit overwhelming.

Just like Red Lobster with their biscuits during their “Endless Shrimp Campagne”, Fogo throws in some insanely good side items to keep you from eating all their meat. The fried banana is incredible, but a part of me wishes they’d torch that thing tableside for a bit of a show. Also served are mashed potatoes and these bars that I would compare to a corn muffin.
Then you’ve got these little bundles of joy to my left. Yes, they are a lot like Red Lobster’s biscuits in the fact that they’re painfully addicting and fill you up very fast. These things are probably as close to the ever popular phrase “like crack” that I’m going to get. Once they set the puppies down at the table, you’re popping them in your mouth at an unstoppable rate. But it’s worth it! These are filled with a delicious cheese that allows the whole thing to just melt in your mouth.
Yes I know I had said I was going to stay away from franchises, but this is like no other! Fogo De Chao is a place I highly recommend. However, you’re going to want to go for lunch because then the cost will just be half of what you pay at dinner. You’ll still drop about $50 but the supreme cuts of meat definitely make it possible to get your money’s worth. And yes, they do have crème brulee (it’s on the top of my list!). Fun thing about the website is they do have a video that will walk you through your first visit to a Fogo De Chao.
Note from Bob The Grill Guy:

First - be careful at these places. I've had some great meals at Brazilian Grills, but I've also gotten sick enough to wish I were dead. If you are ever in Fort Worth, for instance, don't eat the damn cold soup!!!

Also - I need to apologize to Carl. This kid is giving me content faster than I can post it. I don't know how he stays so skinny the way he eats! (Not to mention how he affords it :) So Carl - I'm sorry, I will try to keep up!