Delicious pasta? … YES!

Today I was feeling kind of hungry and was looking for some nice, homemade food. Currently the only home cooked meal I get is when I’m invited for some insanely good ribs (that my dad may never get to enjoy!) by this Bob the Grill Guy. I think I’ve seen a website for him somewhere but can’t put my finger on it. Anyway, helped me out a bit on this one and I found a neat little pasta bar called Broders’ Pasta Bar.

I really like the look of the building for Broders’. It had a look of age to it that really made me feel like I was entering a place that had some roots to it, and that it was going to be offering authentic pasta dishes. The inside was just as incredible with the wood flooring and red colored walls that really seem to bring the room alive. One drawback can be said about the closeness of the tables. However, if you enjoy meeting a new neighbor when sitting down to eat you won’t have anything to worry about. A good way to avoid this would be actually to sit at the bar. The advantage to that location is you can see the cooks preparing all the food. Now we get to the best part, the food.
The menu has a great assortment of appetizers (Cicchetti) and traditional starter dishes (Antipasti). The main entree pasta dishes have ones that are always going to be found on the menu but they also feature seasonal items as well. I went with the medaglioni alla ricotta which is house made potato & ricotta ravioli with tomatoes & spicy sausage. For me, handmade pasta has an incredible flavor that seems to get elevated to another level with the use of fresh ingredients and the effort of handmade pasta. The presentation is quite nice as well as each dish has a good contrast in colors and really gets you excited for the dish. The stuffing of the ravioli was plentiful and had a very smooth texture.
Overall I really enjoyed the place. I will actually be adding it on places I would like to revisit. The atmosphere, food, and pricing were all great features of the restaurant making it a definite recommendation for any couples’ date night.