What is a MEATING?
You, your friends, a grill, and me (your ManCave Advisor) getting together to share some meat (yes, I’ll bring it and cook it too,) We'll talk about grilling and other manly topics like sports, fishing, and beer. I’ll also show off some of the great grilling accessories that are available through ManCave Worldwide!
You provide the people, a grill, and the beer, and I’ll provide some of the best meat you’ve ever tasted!
As the host, you’ll earn free stuff – the more you and your friends order, the more free stuff you earn!
So why not turn your next gathering into a MEATING!
Ready to shop? Here you go ...
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For years I've thought it was unfair that women had so many opportunities to get together with a purpose — from Mary Kay to Tupperware, a gathering could be planned at the drop of a hat where women would be presented with products that they both knew and needed. Men, on the other hand, have never had that kind of opportunity. Not that I'm whining mind you — we've had our own gatherings that have served us well — poker games, fishing and hunting trips, baseball games, getting together to watch the football game, etc. But none of our gatherings included the opportunity to try and talk about the tools of our obsessions.

It always struck me as funny that (ok - I'm going to stereotype here, but just remember that stereotypes come from somewhere) the group that like to shop, who can spend a day at the mall "just shopping,” who can quote sale prices and clearance rack percentages like any guy can talk ERAs and on-base percentage, have home parties at all. Let's face it, most women are happy going shopping — why do they need to bring it home? The group that usually hates shopping — men, that is — has always had nothing. No one was going to bring grill accessories, hunting equipment, tools, or fine meats to their garages so they could "shop at home." That has all changed!

I say again - That has all changed!

ManCave Worldwide doesn't have gatherings — we have MEATINGS. A meating is a place where men can still be men. We start off by reviewing the "
Man Laws," toast ourselves with a beer (usually not our first), and do guy stuff. It might revolve around a poker game, a football game, or maybe even a tailgating party at the stadium, but it always starts with a toast and some great grilled meat! Your ManCave advisor will bring along a few samples of the great meat products that we represent — and trust me, this stuff is good. We have over 30 kinds of brats, everything from Hot Italian to (my personal favorite) Buffalo Wing Bleu Cheese. Almost every party will feature a few different flavors to sample, usually along with some premium steak (the best cuts of meat I've ever seen) or a beer can chicken cooked on our signature Stainless Steel Chicken Roaster (this is the way to cook chicken!) Then he'll talk a little bit about grilling techniques, demo some of the fabulous product line (all guaranteed for life!) And see if anyone's interested in placing an order — no pressure, just a fun time had by all. (Most of us aren't into this for the money — we just like an excuse to have a few beers and stand in front of a grill.)

For more information about the products, hosting your own party (party hosts earn dollars toward their own purchases), or even becoming a ManCave advisor yourself, visit
www.ManCaveWorldwide.com or email me at Bob@BobTheGrillGuy.com