An Unwanted Venture

One day I was going to my Chiropractor in Chanhassen and the word “pub” caught my eye. Great pub food can be hard to come by if you don’t really know where to look. Too many new establishments throw that name out there to grab a hold of some niche market and lure in customers. This appears to be one of those places.
The Brindisi’s Pub is attached to the famous Chanhassen Dinner Theater. I would liken it to an unwanted parasite bleeding its host dry. The pub has only been open a few days and I honestly don’t hold much hope. Often I’ll give a place the benefit of the doubt and vow to give it another shot, but this is one place I will not venture back to.
The waitress was prompt with arriving to my table upon sitting down (ok maybe one good thing). She then provided me with a menu and asked if I wanted anything to drink, and I asked what they had on tap. The look on the young waitress’s face was as if I had asked her to explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Apparently they only have bottled beer because she turned the menu over and said, “Here”. Summit is a usual good choice for me when out and about on the town. Summit offers a seasonal beer and I had asked what it was. I of course got another stunned and confused response, but then she was able to think of the answer. Definitely starting off less than impressed.
The menu itself is nothing to brag about. One thing that caught my eye was under the appetizer section, crab rangoons. I’m sorry, but those belong on a Chinese menu, not at a place that refers to itself as a pub. A pub is an Irish gathering spot where I would expect some incredible fish and chips. Other than that, the menu doesn’t seem to really have a clear direction as they appear to have a Cajun and Italian style items on the menu as well. I myself had the sirloin with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. I honestly thought they seared if off and plopped it in the microwave. While eating, I was slightly entertained by watching the waitress spend time with her friends at one table versus checking on the other customers or working.
I don’t predict a long ride for this place. The only thing that will prolong the inevitable is the fact that the
Chanhassen Dinner Theater draws a crowd and assists with marketing the place. A better option for some great pub food and beautiful atmosphere, I’d recommend going to Jake O’ Connors in Excelsior.