Well here they are - my musings, pearls of wisdom, life's lessons, and other equally valuable things that find root in my brain. Here's hoping you find something to enjoy ...

#9 To my Uncle Chuck

#8 6/12/12

So there's a lot to talk about this week - enough to justify my time at the keyboard typing it up (but maybe not enough to justify your time spent reading - HA!)
Click here for more.

#7 04/18/12

New truck, new grill, and a new recipe … click here.

#6 4/9/12

#5 2/28/12

Wow - when I said I'd post on a semi-regular basis, I didn't intend for that to be every 6 months or so … Click here for more.

#4 08/09/11

So it’s been weeks since I’ve posted to my blog - I warned you that I might not have the discipline to get out here all that often. I’ve got an excuse though …. there has been a lot going on in the King household. Click here for more.

#3 06/10/11

Big couple of weeks since my last post - lots going on, lots of changes. This week I’ve got good news, bad news, and a little bit of ugly commentary ... Click here for more.

#2 05/30/11

My original title for this blog entry was “Warning - Geek Ahead”. I planned to fulfill my promise to discuss the Riverbed WAN optimization appliance called the Steelhead. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m in the process of becoming a Riverbed Certified Instructor and I thought y’all might be interested in the technology. I actually got a couple pages written before I realized that I didn’t want the No Talent, No Topic blog to turn into some nerd-in where I typed about the same stuff I talked about all day long. Click here for more.

#1 5/12/11

I was talking about my website with some guys in a class recently - basically complaining that I had no idea how to generate traffic (especially *repeat* traffic.) One of the guys suggested that the problem might be the fact that I haven’t updated the content in like 6 months ... hmmm ...., you mean I have to actually come up with new content on a regular basis? That sounds suspiciously like work to me. (And we all know that work is the worst of the four letter words in the English language.) Click here for more.