Welcoming the Butcher and his Little Piggy
Ok so a boar is a little different than a pig but that title seemed kind of catchy so I wanted to stick with it. I’ve been itching to check out the new restraint, Butcher and the Boar, since its opening on March 5th. I’ve been reading countless reviews on Yelp giving it rave reviews so I had to give it a shot. Luckily, my buddy Matt Turek who I’ve cornered for a few times at his fights is a sucker for bourbon so it was time for a guys’ night out.

Why would bourbon make that much of a difference for a restaurant you may ask? Well this place specializes in bourbons. The actually have a flight of bourbon consisting of 3 different kinds per flight and multiple flights to choose from! I ordered one as well and quickly found out that I’m not that much into that kind of liquor and ended up sticking with my water. I wasn’t really there for the alcohol anyway. I was there for the food!
I had read over the menu prior to going so I knew I was going to shell out a few clams to get a good taste of what this place had to offer. Matt was perfectly happy with just getting some jalapeño poppers, but I needed more. I ordered the “For the Table” option that had a sampling of their house cured meats. This consisted of wild boar ham, venison summer sausage, pickled heart marcella, and wild boar head cheese. These meats were accompanied by house made sauces.
At $18 I thought it was a pretty good deal. Every element on that plate was amazing! I know many people on Facebook didn’t enjoy the picture, but this is definitely one of those times where the picture does not do its subject justice. Also, head cheese is one of those things people tend to stay away from due to the part of the animal it’s from. However, here it tasted incredible, practically melting in your mouth! And it didn’t stop there.
I also ordered Texas toast and bourbon orange carrots. The texas toast was thick cut and tasted homemade, a very hearty side dish. The bourbon carrots were out of this world! You could really taste the freshness of the carrots and it seemed as if they had just gone out back and taken them from the garden. Finally, I had ordered the banana crème bread pudding for desert. It was very good and was basically like eating banana crème pie with cake in it and a meringue topping.
I had read that The Butcher and The Boar had been the most anticipated restaurant of 2012. I can honestly say that it has lived up to the hype! With the focus on locally grown ingredients and the concept of curing and preparing the meats in house, I see no way but up for this restaurant. I’m excited to see if after being open for awhile if they will make some more additions to the menu.