So I want you to stop for a second and really think about the last 6 meals you’ve prepared on your grill. Close your eyes and really “see” those steaks, burgers, or brats.

Go ahead — take a second to savor the smell, look, and taste — you’ve earned it.

Now, stop and think about the last good steak you had in a restaurant. Mmmm — Remember the juices running across the plate? Or how about the cool diamond pattern the hot grills burned into the meat? Or even better — the perfect pink center that was exposed when you cut into it?

Now compare those two memories. Do your grilling sensations inspire the same level of salivation as your restaurant memories? Now think about your family and friends, would they rather go out to dinner than come over for one of your grill creations?

If you answered “Yes” to that last question, don’t despair!

So why does your wife light up when you mention dinner at that restaurant? Even worse, why does she look dejected when you suggest staying home and grilling?

The answer is quite simple — SKILLS!

That’s what this page is all about, giving you the skills necessary to move from “Dad” to “Chef”. I’ll be posting short lessons that can help make your dinners look and taste a little more “restaurant”. Some of these lessons will be generic “off the web” video or texts, but as time goes on I’ll start making my own so you’ll get to see Bob the Grill Guy in all his glory!