Music, Food, and Brother Time--- What Could Be Better?

Harriet Island has been home to such events as the Taste of Minnesota and Irish Fair, but there’s a new and exciting kid on the block, The River’s Edge Music Festival!

The newly inaugural 2 day event posted a lineup this year of bands such as: Tool, Puscifer, Motion City Soundtrack, Brand New, Sublime, Coheed and Cambria, and many more. The bands were spread amongst 3 different stages plus a Silent Disco.

My friend and I were all excited for the big event, but they were only interested in one band on each day and would not be going until later. Luckily my brother was coming down for it and wanted to check everything out! I picked him up early from the hotel he was at and we made our way down to the parking garage by the Xcel Energy Center. From there we caught the shuttle in front of the Minnesota Science Museum that took us straight to the event. Words cannot express the view as you enter the event grounds.

As with any adventure I have, there was food! This event featured some of your basic fair food like cheese curds and corndogs, but there was oh so much more. One thing that both my brother and I enjoyed was the deep fried S’more. Freaking delicious! Some other delectable delights were the tornado dog, pig wings (sadly was only like riblets), fried caramel apple, juicy Lucy, pulled pork sandwich (good smoky flavor but bit dry), and my personal favorite- bacon wrapped hotdog!
I’m really excited for the event next year and am interested in what the lineup will consist of. It was for sure a great weekend with my brother and listening to sometimes new music. Tool and Puscifer were probably the highlights of the weekend, and I highly recommend seeing them live.