Always wanted to make your own brew?
I've been making my own beer for a while now - it's fun, easy, and gives me something to talk about with my in-laws :) ...

It seems that whenever anyone writes a book, blog, article, or whatever about BBQ'ing they always concentrate on the meat. Ribs, brisket, pork shoulder - how to prepare and cook it. They very rarely spend a lot of time on the sauces, rubs, or marinades, that they use to get that wonderful flavor. It seems the "process" is open to discussion, but the "ingredients" are a trade secret. For this reason my first four entries will be (in this order) a good base for creating your own homemade BBQ sauce, the perfect beef marinade, the perfect pork marinade, and a good set of seasonings for a rub. With these four entries you should have a foundation upon which to build your BBQ'ing repertoire.

Of course there’s really no reason to reinvent the wheel. Head on over to and check out the amazing collection of rubs, spices, and marinades. (Don’t forget to enter “Bob King” as your advisor.)

Hey - if you've got a recipe worthy of sharing, please feel free to pass it along! I'll taste test it in my own ManCave and, if it passes mustard (couldn't resist it,) I'll post it on the site (just remember that if you send it to me, it might end up posted publicly - so don't tell your Aunt Edna that you sent me the family secret to the perfect BBQ - she'll disown you!)