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Cheap Steak Marinade

Mix it up, coat your steaks, let ‘em soak for a few hours.

Before grilling, wipe excess marinade from steaks (save this), and sprinkle on your favorite steak seasoning (or at least a little salt and pepper!) Grill to a nice medium rare, slice thinly, and serve with baked beans, baked potato, corn on the cob, or anything else that would go with a nice steak. This meat also makes good fajitas — especially if you save the marinade as described below.

For fajitas

Save the marinade, place in small sauce pan and bring to a bubble over medium heat (make sure this gets to 165 degrees or hotter!) This will make a great “sauce” to add to your fajita fillings.

I got the basic recipe from my local newspaper - but I’ve made a couple changes to match the flavors my family likes. Originally I was just looking for something new to do with those cheap grill steaks that start to show up at the meat counter this time of year. While I love a nice ribeye, who can afford to eat it every night? Those cheap steaks taste great, are actually nice and lean, and are fairly forgiving of culinary mistakes! I do all kinds of interesting stuff with them … and I’ll start posting some of my techniques here for you to try - they’ll always be named “Cheap Steak