Tequilapenos (stuffed Jalapenos)
This is an easy appetizer that you can throw in the smoker while your meat cooks - it only takes an hour or so, so it's can help tide your guests over until the feast is ready.


As many jalapeno peppers as you think your friends can consume (I go for a couple each as a starting point.)
About 1 teaspoon of creamed cheese for each pepper
Your favorite seasoning - I like a garlic mix.
Thick cut bacon - 2-3 inches per pepper. If you buy a package at the grocery store just cut each piece in half.

1) Clean and empty your peppers - remember the heat is in the seeds, so make sure to get them all!
2) Soak your peppers in tequila for 2 hours or longer (I usually let them soak overnight)
3) Mix the cream cheese and seasoning together - blend it well. You can be inventive here, try different seasonings, fry up some sausage (or better yet Chorizo), or chop up some red and green bell pepper.
4) Stuff the cream cheese mix into your peppers
5) wrap each pepper in a slice of bacon (use a toothpick to fix it in place.)

Preheat the grill to about 225 degrees, place the peppers in the grill, add some smoke, cook for about an hour (or until the bacon looks too good to wait any longer :)

The peppers will be ugly, but the taste is out of this world!

Here's a video I made of me preparing Tequilapenos - enjoy!