I’m a little hesitant to start on this page because I’m afraid it’ll end up being a tribute to how gullible I am. There are times when I’m on the road that I end up channel surfing late at night — and the results are never pretty. I’ve watch more infomercials than your grandma, and have probably fallen prey to their promises more as well. The Food Network is even worse! If Bobby Flay says its good — it probably is, right?

So yes, I’ve bought more than my fair share of stupid products, but every once in a while you get pleasantly surprised. Someday I’ll decide to open and up and populate these pages — hopefully with more winners than losers ☺.

Speaking of winners-- here are a few links to places that have either great products, prices, or services. These links all represent places I’ve done business with-- and been happy with the process!
This link is also on my home page because they’ve saved my bacon on numerous occasions. My wife is a big time chocoholic! When I’m in trouble (which is quite often) a good box of chocolates can often smooth the road to recovery ...
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When I'm looking for something unusual I try this place - they've got everything from Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to Caviar to Gourmet Coffee. If my local Byerly's doesn't have it, I know I can find it here!
    World Wide Gourmet Foods, Inc