9 1/2 Splats -

My New Favorite 'Q

Luling City Market
4726 Richmond Avenue
Houston, Texas 77027
Phone : 1.877.LCM.BBQ1 (526-2271)
Fax : 713.871.0365
e-mail :

I've found my new favorite BBQ joint - too bad it's all the way down there in Houston. I wonder how many trips I can finable a year out of VMware? This place was a find. I had stopped in a little antique/curio shop (because they had a full sized Bob's Big Boy statue in the window) and got to talking with the owner. When I mentioned my website and asked where he'd recommend for some good Q, his answered immediately - "Head on over to Luling City Market."

He described the place as a little run down bar/tavern with a smoker in the back. He said I would be impressed until I saw their meat - and that then I'd be hooked. Man was this guy ever right.

Take a look at the picture of the counter. First off, there are no "plates" - you order your meat by the pound. Second there are no plates - your order will be placed on butcher paper, along with your sides in little bowls, on a try (that looks like they might have started in a school cafeteria at some point.
As you can see here, they throw in a few pieces of plain white bread - what more could you possible need?

I ordered a full sausage (they would sell me half of one - which I'm thankful for now since it was absolutely the best smoked sausage I've ever eaten,) a 1/4 pound of brisket (the juices were running out as he sliced it - but yet it had a nice bark and thick smoke ring,) and 4 spareribs. For sides I had the potato salad and the beans.

I kid you not, I couldn't finish what I ordered. Total bill around $20 - and I left 2 ribs untouched.

I gotta warn ya, this place aint about the sauce. It was vinegar based thin and didn't have much flavor. But that's okay - the meat had enough flavor to stand on it's own. The sausage had a crisp skin, but the meat inside was moist and smooth, the brisket melted in your mouth, and the ribs were meaty and moist. Even the sides were good (of course nothing will be considered great next to this meat.)

As you can see, the place really is just a little bar with a smoker in the back (see the picture,) but this place is home to a master of the pit. It's probably lucky I don't live too close - I'd be eating there every other day!
RIBS - 8 Splats
Nicely smoked, had a nice fire-ring, and were meaty - damn near competition ready, moist and perfectly cooked.

BRISKET - 9 Splats
Moist, nicely smoked

Smoked Sausage - 9 splats
I've never been a sausage fan at BBQ joints, I'm usually more into the ribs, butt, and brisket. This place could have changed me for life!

BEANS - 5 Splats
Nice chunks of meat and a spicy after taste

Definitely edible (as evidenced by my plate at the end :)

SAUCE - 1 Splats
One sauce, no flavor - but then again a completely unnecessary condiment here.

I'll visit every time I'm in town!