3 Splats -
So I'm in Indianapolis - and no, it's not for the race! I'm here to teach a week long class called "Fast Track" that has full 10-hour days!!! Given that, I wasn't really expecting to get out much, but you know I can't pass by a chance at new BBQ so …

I checked the 'net and asked my students. One of the places that seemed to pop up all over was G.T. South's.
One of my students gave it the thumbs up, so I put the address in the old GPS and headed to dinner. While this wasn't the best BBQ I've ever had, it also wasn't the worst! I had the sampler platter (shown on the right,) which included spare ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket, two sides, and a corn muffin. Everything was decent - although the beef was a little dry and the spare ribs weren't very meaty. I ordered an extra 6 bones of baby backs (wet) just in case.
This was very basic BBQ - the meats were all smoked right by the book. What was missing was that extra something that sets a meal apart - this was an average meal - from the meat to the sides, nothing stood out.
RIBS - 3 Splats
The spare ribs were not as meaty as I would have liked. The baby backs were over sauced - wet doesn't mean dripping!

BRISKET - 3 Splats
Dry and a little chewy

PULLED PORK - 4 splats
This was the only meat on the plate that I'd come back for - it was at least moist.

BEANS - 3 Splats
Tasted like they came right out of the can

SLAW - 3 Splats
Ho hum

SAUCES - 2 Splats
So you'll notice in the picture that they serve the sauce warm on the side - a nice touch. It's too bad that the flavor just didn't suit me. I think it was molasses based, and that's a taste that just doesn't sit well with me.

I'm torn - it was okay, but I'll probably look for a new place when I next visit Indianapolis.