7 Splats -

Fish House & Grille
184 Cambridge St.
Burlington, MA
(781) 229-2929
(Suburb of Boston)

So I'm on the east coast, and kind of in the right area for lobster, and I get a taste for it. Being on a per diem, I ask my students where I can get a lobster on the cheap ... which is usually *NOT* the way to pick your seafood restaurant, but, hey - I got my mouth all waterin' for a big juicy lobster. One of the guys (local) says try this little place in a strip mall - doesn't look like much, but it's all fresh and very well prepared. So - I give it a go ...
What a pleasant surprise! From the outside this place looks like a cheap fast food knock-off in a run down strip mall. Once you get inside though, well, it *STILL* looks like that. But there at the counter is a tank full of live Maine lobsters - and a price board. I had the 2 pounder ... with two sides and a drink, I stayed *WELL* within my budget. The lobster was fresh, tasty, well prepared, as were my extras. (If you're a VMware instructor and get sent to Burlington, definitely give this place a try!)

Good food, good prices, not so much on the ambiance. Worth a trip if you're in the area.