3 Splats -

29 South Main Street
Alpharetta, GA

I love the Atlanta area - the weather is great (if a little warm at times,) the people are friendly, and the food is usually top notch. I spent a week in a northern suburb called Alpharetta and, per my usual, asked where to go for BBQ. Smokejack came well recommended so off we went ...
All I can say is they all can't be gems. All in all the food was pretty good - nothing spectacular, but certainly edible. The big disappointment was what I went there for - the ribs. They were over cooked, dry, and the dry rub (because the ribs were dry) was like sawdust on the tongue - too bad, because the rest of the food was decent.
There were three of us at the table so we ordered a little of everything. And again, the food was decent - I'm just always pissed when the ribs don't cut it! The chicken was juicy, the baby backs were moist, and the pulled pork was tasty. It was just those darn pork spare ribs that left a dry taste .... too bad. (Maybe we just caught them on an off night?) Some of the sides were interesting - we had a basket of deep fried pickles (not my thing, but they guy who ordered them liked 'em,) the corn pudding was great (although if you have a thing about texture you might not go there,) and the beans were good too.
RIBS - 3/5 Splats
The spare ribs were dry and overcooked. The baby backs, on the other hand, were decent.

Chicken - 4 Splats
The chicken was moist and had a nice seasoning.

Sides in general - 5 Splats
Nothing great, but nothing left on the plate either :)

I really want to give these guys another chance ... everything looked like a winner, but the evening just didn't come together well.