Super Splat! -

Singleton's Seafood Shack
4728 Ocean Street, Mayport, Fl.
(904) 246-4442
(Suburb of Jacksonville)

Ok - I know it’s not BBQ, but this is absolutely the best seafood restaurant I have ever eaten in, bar none! If you ever find yourself in Jacksonville, Florida, looking for a place to eat, ask a local how to find this place. There is no better way to describe how fresh the seafood is than to relate a little friendly banter I had with my waitress.

When I said I was from Minnesota, and that we didn’t have really fresh fish back home. She said, “ Well sweetie, if you have any concerns about how fresh our fish is, you just go talk to that guy up at the bar in the red hat. He can tell you when it was caught, where it was caught, and how it was caught — and he should know since he caught it this afternoon...” Yes folks, the restaurant has a pier, and on that pier are berthed the fishing boats that sell the ‘catch of the day’ to Singleton’s. And yes, the captain of the fishing boat came over (after being prompted by the waitress I’m sure), to find out if my seafood was fresh enough ... and yes, it was!

I would suggest anything on the menu, but make sure you try the corn hushpuppies and save room for either the banana cream or peanut butter pie!

I had the Steamer - a combination of crawdads, shrimp, clams, crab legs, and mussels. Top that off with a couple of hushpuppies and collard greens and you've got a feast! I finished off with a big slice of peanut butter pie!

Later that week I had a three-item combo (shrimp, oysters, and deviled crab), and topped it off with a slice of banana cream pie.
Everything I had (and I ate here three times in one week - a record for me) was fresh, tasty, and well prepared. Even the collard greens (not one of my personal favorites) were tasty - lots of pork and nicely spiced - were great. You cannot go wrong with anything on the menu!

If your travels take you anywhere near Jacksonville, FL., make the time to visit!