3 Splats -

Capital Q
707 H Street, NW
     Washington, DC 20001
     Tel: (202) 347-8396

To be honest, I wasn't really expecting to find much in the way of BBQ in Washington, D.C. It just doesn't seem like the kind of food that big-shot politicians would go for ... know what I mean? When I got here I asked my students where to go, and found that my original thoughts were probably right - no one really had a strong opinion about any local BBQ joints. A Google search turned up this place - Capital Q. According to their web site the Bushes used to come here for a taste of good old Texas BBQ - if it's good enough for the president, it must be good enough for me.
It's a little hole in the wall place - but it smelled good when I walked in. I asked what was good and was told that the brisket was the best seller. I ordered a two meat combo - ribs, brisket, beans, and mashed (none of the other sides looked interesting.) I tried to order the special margarita (from the overhead menu) but was told they were out (too bad, this food could really use a drink.)
RIBS - 5 Splats
Nicely smoked, had a nice fire-ring, and not very meaty, but I was warned (their website told me these wouldn't be fall of the bone ribs - just the old fashioned pick 'em up and eat kind.)

BRISKET - 8 Splats
I can see why they sell a lot of their brisket - it was actually very good. It had a good fire ring, was moist, and had a nice smokey taste.

BEANS - 3 Splats
Tasted like they came right out of the can

SAUCES -5 Splats
Two kinds of sauce - mild and spicy. The spicy was just the mild with some kick. Nothing special here - but "good enough."

I probably won't go back - not because anything was bad - but because there are so many other interesting places to eat in DC.