7 Splats -
When I asked my students in St. Louis where I should go for a taste of local BBQ - they were in agreement, “Try Bandanas!” This is a small, but growing, chain covering three states and if you see one you should stop and eat. Everything I had here was good or better. The smoked meats (I had brisket and pulled pork) were juicy, the ribs were meaty, and the sides were good (although I’m not a big fan of vinegar-based cole slaw). If you’re really hungry try the chicken BBQ nachos (shown on the left in the picture below) — but bring a friend ‘cause it’s a big order.

By now you’ve probably figured out I love BBQ sauces and Bandanas didn’t fail me there, either. They had five different types, and unlike some places where they start with a base and then just add something to make the next “flavor” — each of the five was unique. My personal favorite was the “Chicago Sweet” but I have to admit I rotated through them all.
RIBS - 7 Splats
The ribs were good - they were nicely smoked, had a nice fire-ring, and were really meaty.

BRISKET - 7 Splats
Moist and had that little shine (kind of like fish scales) that tells you it was cooked to perfection!

PULLED PORK - 7 Splats
Moist, smokey, firm - great!

BEANS - 3 Splats
The beans tasted like they came right out of the can

SLAW - 3 Splats
Vinegar based so not to my liking, but that's a personal preference.

SAUCES - 7 Splats
Plenty to choose from, and all different!

Here's hoping they expand the chain into Minnesota!