8 Splats -

Baker's Ribs
8019 Glen Lane
     Eden Prairie, MN 55344
     Tel: (952) 942-5337

Baker's Ribs is one of my favorite rib joints in the Minneapolis area. I like it so much that I talked the training center where I teach (Euler Training Center) into adding them to their catering list for lunches! The ribs are my favorite, but the brisket, pulled pork, ham, and even turkey are all good.
The sides are just as good as the meat offerings - I love the potato salad, the dirty rice, the cheesy smashed potatoes, even the slaw. This is an all around great place to eat! They pay attention to all the little details that make for a great experience - take their BBQ sauce, for instance. Not only is it pretty darn good (it's more of a Texas tangy flavor then a sweet mix,) they keep squeeze bottles of it warm and give you your own when you order! (I hate pouring cold sauce on my hot food.)
As you can tell from the picture, it's not the fanciest place in the area. Personally I think they could do a much better business by upgrading the interior a bit (and stop serving the meals on plastic trays.) So if you're trying to impress a date (or for you computer geeks - your mom :), this might not be the place. But if you just want some good BBQ, then I'd definitely suggest a visit.
RIBS - 8 Splats
Nicely smoked, had a nice fire-ring, the meat falls off the bone.

SIDES - 8 Splats
Try them all - but start with the dirty rice (or if you're there on the right day, the cheesy potatoes!)

SAUCES -8 Splats
Only one choice, but it's tasty *AND* served warm!

I try to have lunch at Baker's every time I get near Eden Prairie, which sadly isn't that often anymore. Hey - how about opening a franchise down here south of the river????