Big couple of weeks since my last post - lots going on, lots of changes. This week I’ve got good news, bad news, and a little bit of ugly commentary ...


Politics first - in other words, lets get the ugly out of the way right off the bat! We’ve become quite enamored of vacationing in Mexico. But for now, we are joining the “SAY NO TO MEXICO” campaign. Bottom line here - until the Mexican government puts some real effort into controlling the drug cartels, then we Americans need to spend our money elsewhere. The level of violence in Mexico is escalating out of control - these guys don’t just shoot each other (which is just Darwin at work) they shoot anyone and everyone. And not just small arms either - the latest reports show the drug cartels building “drug tanks” - armored vehicles with large weapon points. This is getting ridiculous! It’s about time that we showed the Mexican government which side of their bread is buttered - I say no more American tourist dollars until American tourists can feel reasonably safe!



So as a prelude to my good news, let’s get the bad news out of the way as well. Two weeks ago I gave my notice at Arrow Electronics. In and of itself, this isn’t exactly “bad news” - I haven’t been happy with my situation for quite some time. The bad news was how they reacted to my giving notice. Instead of honoring my notice they dumped me that afternoon - costing me two weeks pay! (And then they expect me to spend my own time shipping back equipment, finishing my paperwork, etc.) To top it off, my old boss has the gaul to ask me for anything I might have made ready for a seminar later in the month - sorry Tom, but my unpaid time is being put to better use!

Here’s a word of advice if you are an Arrow employee - apparently it doesn’t pay to give a notice, I would suggest that unless you don’t need the two weeks salary, you just quit on the spot.

It’s funny how and what boss’ hear. Practically the first words out of his mouth were, “This comes out of the blue, I had no idea you weren’t happy...” Hm... could the hint have been when I told him that his department would always be small time because “if you think rinky-dink, you live rinky-dink”??? Besides that - don’t almost all resignations come out of the blue? When was the last time you told a boss “Hey - I’m putting my resume out there, so I might not be here next month...” I’d bet never, or at least not since you got your first mortgage bill ...

Bottom line - I’m done with Arrow (and they are apparently, done with me.)


The good news is that I start my next job on Monday. I’m going back to VMware as a senior technical instructor. Basically back where I was 6 months ago - but with a better understanding of what a great place VMware is to work!

There are a couple of lessons to be learned here. First - NEVER BURN BRIDGES! I did my best to leave VMware on good terms because (as I told my boss at the time) I had the best job in the world. (Some would ask why I left then - and this is a story only told in person over a few beers!) Hind sight is always 20-20, but I should have known that a few extra dollars wouldn’t make up for the great work environment, excellent peers, and supportive management. Ah well ... sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

The second lesson to learn is that “all that glitters is not gold.” I was seriously tempted by the proverbial “offer you can’t refuse” - I’m certainly old enough to know better than to think that the offer is reality, but in this case it looked good enough to give a try. Again, ah well ... at least my six months with a VATC will give me an insight into the business that might benefit VMware ...

Bottom line - I’m back where I should have stayed - back on the VMware payroll!

Well that’s it for this week ... type atcha later... Bob the Grill Guy