I first heard about ManCave WorldWide at a booth at the great Minnesota Get Together - The Minnesota State Fair. I talked to the guys at the booth and immediately realized that I wanted to be involved. These guys were spending their free time grilling, talking about sports, playing poker - and they were making money doing it! What could be more fun than going to a party (tailgate, poker, big game, "man's night", or whatever) and grilling a little meat?

I've made it a habit to mention my "meatings" to everyone I meet - and you'd be surprised at the number of guys who say "Hey - that's sounds like fun. I should have you come over for my next "fill in guy activity here", the guys would really love it." I've even had women plan a meating for the same time as their "Pampered Dish Makeover Purse" gathering ... for them it gets the men out of their hair (for the guys it gives them something to do while the girls are shopping.)

If you're interested in becoming a ManCave WorldWide advisor, please watch this video and then drop me a line at bob@bobthegrillguy.com (or just use my contacts page to leave a message.) I'll get back to you and we'll talk about the opportunity!