Beer Can Chicken

Chicken is the ultimate cheap grill meat - but it can easily dry out during cooking. This results in a dry, chewy, flavorless, meat that nobody want to eat. You can always tell when your chicken is overdone by watching your side dishes - if people seem to really "love" you beans or cold claw, then you might have to work a little harder on the chicken next time! One of the easiest ways to ensure that your chicken stays juicy is to use the "Beer Can" method. I own two of the ManCave chicken roasters and use them all the time! It beats most of the other styles I've seen - the chicken is held firmly upright, the beer "cup" is large enough that I can add a couple pieces of onion and garlic, and the basket comes in handy for grilling vegetables or mushrooms.
This video gives a rub recipe and has a couple tips that I've incorporated into my own beer can chicken techniques.